Workshops & Classes

Wednesday: 7pm Pilates with Gocha Wellness

29th May 2024
07539 178 840

Pilates sessions are suitable for everyone because its approach is individual for each person.

Pilates was created as a functional method that can give not only a  well-build body, but can also provide a remarkable improvement in body energy, agility, posture, breath, balance & emotional harmony that can transform your day to day life.

Click on the link below to book a class with Gocha or call for more information.

Thursday: 11am – 12pm : Dancercise with Sheila, 50+

30th May 2024
07866 771 429 Class

a lively class with up tempo music our Tuesday and Thursday (10.30) morning sessions with Sheila Brock are a definite winner; with great music and syncopated rhythms Sheila never fails to inspire her students and get them moving… Over 50's class

Thursday’s: from 4pm Bond dance Company

30th May 2024

Jodies poster Sept 18

Thursday: 4pm – 9pm Bond Dance Company

30th May 2024
07584 428 163

Click on link for Facebook page

from 4pm Juniors to seniors classes in Ballet, Tap, contemporary dance and Street dance

Contact Jodie via her Facebook page or call to book a place.

Thursday: 7pm – 9pm Ukulele Club

30th May 2024

Thursday 7pm Ukulele Club

Contact: Roger Lane

A lively club for everyone from beginners to the more experienced players.




Friday: 4.30pm & 6pm Looe Youth Theatre

31st May 2024
07920 282 818

Friday : 4.30pm  7-11 years

: 6pm   11 - 16 years

LOOE YOUTH Theatre is part of Looe’s Community, we have over the years put on many shows, and been part of Looe Community Events.

We meet each week on a Friday.   Looe Youth Theatre embraces creative potential of each student.  All the students enjoy the friendly, happy atmosphere, and making new friends, this nurtures their individual talents.

Drama is a key factor benefiting communication skills, gaining confidence, enhancing vocal projection, articulation, imagination, and expression.   Also, developing listening and observation.

Each week we work on various exercises, drama games, combining creative ideas, practicing performance techniques, character work and movement and much much more...,

Our next up and coming show is Alice The Musical.

If you would like to be part of our drama group, be part of Alice The Musical.   Please contact: 07920 282818
Ages: 7-17

Call Fiona to book a class or for more information

email: [email protected]



Friday: 6pm – 7:15pm: Multi-Fit exercise class Bond Fitness

31st May 2024
07779 059 868

Friday 6pm - 7:15pm Multi- fit exercise class.

The first half of this class is Power Hooping, a challenging activity with weighted hoops, excellent for core strength, stamina and coordination. The second part is floor based whole body stretch, great to cool down and get rid of those aches and pains. A great all round class, very good value class.

Click on link for Facebook page

Monday & Friday 7.30pm- 9pm: Looe Karate Club

31st May 2024

Traditional Shotokan Karate:

Adults & young adults

Increase fitness & flexibility, Self confidence, develop self defence skills, & increase awareness & discipline.

Qualified & DBS checked instructors.

Club established 1988

Contact David for more information. Tel 07889 310 908

Monday: 7.45am – 9am Yoga with Gocha

3rd June 2024
07539 178 840

Monday: 9am - 10.15am Yoga with Gocha
Ground floor room

Mondays: 10:30am – 11:30am Paracise

3rd June 2024

Contact Lisa for booking:

[email protected]