Looe Development Trust

Building Bridges In The Community

Looe Development Trust successfully raised over half a million pounds for the construction of the Millpool Centre for the residents of Looe and surrounding parishes. The Trust is a charity formed for the benefit of those living and/or working in the parish of Looe and surrounding parishes.

Building Bridges in the Community is our motto and that is exactly what what we want to help and encourage the people of Looe to become involved in.

The objectives of the Charity

Education & Learning

To advance education and learning, including training in skills relevant to securing employment to relieve financial need, hardship, distress and sickness among those living within the Area of Benefit.

Preserve & Protect

To preserve, protect and enhance in any way for the benefit of the public, amenities including the buildings or features of historic, architectural or natural interest within the Area of Benefit.

Recreation & Leisure

To provide facilities for public recreation or other leisure time occupation in the interests of social welfare, with the object of improving the conditions of life for those living or working in the Area of Benefit.


To advance any other charitable purpose or purposes for the benefit of those living or working in the Area of Benefit.

The International Olympic Committee have approved Skate Boarding as an official Olympic sport and will in Tokyo 2020 take its place alongside BMX as a Gold Medal Event.
At the request of Looe action group Looe Development Trust have undertaken to provide a dedicated Olympic Standard Facility within Looe, so that potential local Skate Boarders can practice, refine and develop their skills and who knows we might even find a gold medalist from Looe?
Following a generous offer of land from St Martins Church, Looe Development Trust in conjunction with specialist Skate Park design company “Maverick Industries” and local Skaters have commenced work on developing an exciting design and to provide a high class Park.
A spokesman for Looe Development Trust said “It is early days but initial conversations indicate that the proposed Park is broadly supported and subject to planning consent and raising the necessary funds we would hope to have this facility up and running for 2018”

Looe Development Trust Policy documents

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