Waves Health & Fitness Happy Feet workshop

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SATURDAY, 9 OCTOBER 2021 FROM 09:30 UTC+01-11:30 UTC+01

Happy Feet

The Millpool Centre, Looe
Duration: 2 hr
This is the first of 3 specialist workshops.
Why do we need happy feet?
Our feet hold up our entire weight and yet we put them in all types of shoes and often ignore them completely. Our feet, toes and ankles are all connected into our body and when they do not have good alignment and mobility it can cause all kinds of problems further up the chain, including the knees and hips. You may have had a problem or even surgery in your knees and yet the feet have never been looked at as a potential problem. This workshop is designed to help you look after your own feet and keep them happier. We will be looking at the walking gait, pronation, bunions, plantar facia issues, cramping , and mobility…..Our feet deserve some much needed attention and you will be amazed how much difference it makes.
Who will benefit from this course? …..Everybody! Whether you do ballet, football, running, swimming or sedentary, this will help you and improve your performance…. All you need is a small ball if you have one. I use a ball from the pet shop, or tennis ball. I provide the rest……Spaces are limited to just 10 special people, so book now with just a £10 deposit to avoid disappointment.
Refreshments and delightful snacks included! Free toe exerciser included.
Deposit is non refundable.
Please provide your own mat.
Kerry King
Health and Wellbeing Specialist.

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