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    Security Deposit: for Weddings and Parties £150.00. Refundable within 7 days of hire date provided no loss or damage has occurred.

    Responsibilities of Hirer

    1. The hirer must be over 21 years of age.
    2. Must be present & in charge during whole period of hire.
    3. Responsible for all members of public at the event, their behaviour at event & while leaving the area, particularly after 11pm.
    4. Responsible for ensuring building is clean and tidy at event end.
    5. Responsible for removal rubbish and waste from site.

    Health & Safety

    1. The Millpool Centre is fully compliant with health and safety legislation.
    2. Food safety guidelines are displayed in the kitchen for the benefit of users.
    3. The Millpool Centre accepts no responsibility for foods made and served/ brought to and consumed at the Centre.
    4. The hirer is responsible for familiarising themselves and persons attending their event with fire exits and safety procedures.
    5. In the event of fire the hirer is responsible for checking the building and evacuating the persons attending their event.

    Sale & Consumption of Alcohol

    1. Millpool Centre is licensed for the sale and consumption of alcohol on the premises.
    2. The Management reserves the right to refuse alcohol sales in the case of unruly behaviour or without the proper proof of age on request.
    3. The hirer must ensure persons attending events do not disturb Millpool Centre neighbours on arriving at, and leaving events.

    Deposit & payments

    1. A deposit equivalent to 20% of total hire charge should be made at the time of booking (Plus the security deposit if required).
    2. The full amount of hire cost must be paid 4 weeks prior to the booking date.
    3. Please read and retain these term and conditions of hire.
    4. Please make cheques payable to: Millpool Centre (payments can be made by bank transfer on request).
    5. Cancellations must be made 28 days prior to booking date for a full refund.

      I am over 21 and have read, understood and agree to the conditions of hire. I agree to be present throughout the period of hiring the Millpool Centre.