Workshops & Classes

Wed 8am – 9.30am : Yoga with Gocha Wellenss

10th August 2022
Class / Main Event / Workshop

8am -9.30am yoga class with Gocha

Wednesday 1pm: Move, Stretch & Tone :

10th August 2022
07584428163 Class

'Move, Stretch, and Tone' class runs on a Wednesday afternoon (1pm - 2pm). This class is an introduction to gentle exercise using dance movement that helps improve balance. Suitable for any age or ability.

Bond Fitness

Wednesday: 6pm Contemporary Dance with Gocha Wellness

10th August 2022
07539 178 840 Class

Contemporary dance & its qualities of movement offer a route of self expression for everyone who is interested in the body approach, through this technique & its improvisation & contact exploration.

These classes not only provide intense body training but also offer the skills to develop body awareness, condition, concentration, creativity & mind-body balance.

To book a class with Gocha for Contemporary Dance please call or follow the link to her website.

Wednesday: 7pm Pilates with Gocha Wellness

10th August 2022
07539 178 840 Class

Pilates sessions are suitable for everyone because its approach is individual for each person.

Pilates was created as a functional method that can give not only a  well-build body, but can also provide a remarkable improvement in body energy, agility, posture, breath, balance & emotional harmony that can transform your day to day life.

Click on the link below to book a class with Gocha or call for more information.

Wednesday: 7pm – 8.30pm Ashtanga Yoga with Clio Scutt

10th August 2022
07484 880 105

Wednesday: 7pm - 8.30pm Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga Yoga is a traditional form of yoga, & a great way to build mobility & stability in your body & mind

Contact:  Clio Scutt

Thursday: 11am: Dancercise with Sheila, 50+

11th August 2022
07866 771 429 Class

a lively class with up tempo music our Thursday (11am) morning sessions with Sheila Brock are a definite winner; with great music and syncopated rhythms Sheila never fails to inspire her students and get them moving… Over 50's class

Thursday: 7pm – 9pm ukulele Club

11th August 2022
01503262775 Workshop

Thursday 7pm Ukulele Club

Contact: Roger Lane

A lively club for everyone from beginners to the more experienced players.




Monday & Friday 7.30pm- 9pm: Looe Karate Club

12th August 2022
07889 310 908 Class

Traditional Shotokan Karate:

Adults & young adults

Increase fitness & flexibility, Self confidence, develop self defence skills, & increase awareness & discipline.

Qualified & DBS checked instructors.

Club established 1988

Contact David for more information. Tel 07889 310 908

Saturdays: 7am – 9am Yoga with Clio Scutt

13th August 2022
07484 880 105

Monday: 7.45am – 9am Yoga with Gocha

15th August 2022
07539 178 840 Class

Monday: 9am - 10.15am Yoga with Gocha
Ground floor room