Workshops & Classes

Weds 5.45pm: Yoga with Maria

25th April 2018

Yoga classes in the Hatha yoga style at the Millpool Centre, Looe. Hatha Yoga promotes breath control, balance and flexibility.

2016 new term starts Weds 3rd Feb for 8 weeks. 2 week break for Easter. 12 weeks from Weds 13th April.

contact Maria on 07980 533 050

Weds 6. 30pm to 8.30 : Looe Youth Club (ground floor)

25th April 2018
Class / Workshop

A community youth club for the young people of Looe an surrounding area.

Supported and funded by the Looe development Trust and other organisations in Looe.

Wednesday: Tai chi at 7.30pm

25th April 2018
01579 340 591 Class / Workshop

Tai chi

Relax, improve balance and posture, increase energy, improve co-ordination and mobility.

Classes include:

Holding posture to increase 'chi' or energy

Cnen style silk reeling exercises

Yang style 24 form

Shen jin ba gu stretching exercise

Qigong exercise - 5 animals and 8 exercises of refinement

Thursday: 10.30am: Dancercise with Sheila, 50+

26th April 2018
07866 771 429 Class

a lively class with up tempo music our Tuesday and Thursday (10.30) morning sessions with Sheila Brock are a definite winner; with great music and syncopated rhythms Sheila never fails to inspire her students and get them moving… Over 50's class

Thursday’s 4pm – 4.45pm Junior Street Dance (DWJ)

26th April 2018

Junior Street Dance:  Dance With Jodie (1st Floor)

Follow link to Dance With Jodie site for more information.

Thursday’s 5.30pm – 6.15pm Senior Street Dance (DWJ)

26th April 2018

Senior Street Dance Classes (1st floor)

Follow link to Dance With Jodie site for more information.

Thursday’s: 4.45pm – 5.30pm (ground Floor) Junior Contemporary (DWJ)

26th April 2018

5pm - 6pm (ground Floor) Junior Contemporary Dance Class

Follow the link to Dance With Jodie site for more information.

Thursday’s 6.15pm – 7pm Senior Contemporary Dance Class (DWJ)

26th April 2018

Senior Contemporary(downstairs)

follow link to Dance with Jodie site for more information.


Thursday 7pm – 9pm Ukulele Club

26th April 2018
Class / Workshop

Come along and have a go if you've never played before it's easy to pick up or if you have come and join in this lively club with a growing membership.

Subs are only £3

Call Millpool Centre 01503 265947 for more info.

Friday 8.30am & 9.30am :Pilates with Kerry

27th April 2018
07588 220 007 Class

Pilates promotes strength, improves balance, core stability, flexibility, posture and breath control.
Fridays class 1) 8.30 to 9.20 class 2) 9.30 to 10.20
click on link below for booking with Kerry

Kmk pilates